About Kitten VR

Kitten VR is a virtual reality mini-app written in Unity as part of my experiments with the Oculus SDK. The app was designed to create a fast, interactive demo that could be used to show off the capabilities of modern VR as well as serve as the base project for testing various types of hardware within a VR environment.

Download the preview for Windows

Play the WebGL, non-VR version

The Code

Kitten VR began as an experiment with building low poly environments in Unity 5, and quickly turned into a simple application with a lot of potential. My goals with Kitten VR are twofold: to have a simple, easy to play mini-game for use with virtual reality devices that I can use as a basis for testing new VR SDKs, and to document the process for those interested in learning how to build applications that take advantage of today's VR ecosystem themselves.

April 19, 2016: Unity 5 Lighting in KittenVR

April 13, 2016: Floating Rotation Script in Unity

December 22, 2015: KittenVR 0.2.0 is now available!

December 12, 2015: A Better Solution to Collecting Kittens

June 19, 2015: Upgrading KittenVR to Unity 5.1

June 9, 2015: KittenVR 0.1.6 is now "Available"

June 5, 2015: Creating VR-Friendly NPC Text

June 1, 2015: Handling Level Resets with Unity

May 28, 2015: KittenVR gets a mini Refactor

May 23, 2015: Testing out collisions with KittenVR

May 19, 2015: Collecting Kittens in Unity with Kitten VR

The full code can be found on GitHub here.

This is a living application and will have changes updated regularly with new features and functionality.

Interested in learning more, but unsure of where to start? Go from zero to application with my notes on building your first game from scratch with Unity 5!

Meet the Developer

Hey! I'm Livi. I'm a virtual reality evangelist at Microsoft and passionate AR/VR developer with experience building for Oculus Rift and Meta Glass, a 2015 Build participant in Microsoft Holographic Academy for HoloLens, and casual web dev.